About Goviral

Goviral was founded as part of the nation's educational effort by providing an alternative reading for the younger generation and becoming the most dominant company in the field of digital content publishing for young readers in Indonesia. Goviral always puts the originality you share, in the sense of trying to bring content that has not been explored and known to many people. Goviral also always strives to prioritize unique, different, and popular content with a noticeable impact on the reader's environment.

In facilitating and curating the best content, Goviral applies the core values ​​that all team members hold. Every member of the team is required to be always active in the quest for perfection of the work by always prioritizing integrity. Goviral also sees the importance of action orientation rather than discussion. Goviral is always trying to maintain empathy by placing readers and partners as humans who have feelings and are worthy of respect.

In the work system, Goviral builds a cheerful rather than confrontational attitude. The work culture and noble values ​​proved to make Goviral solid, determined, rich in ideas, and always have passion to become a leader in digital content competition for the younger generation.